Yoshitsune Jujitsu

Dr. Jimmy Steger, Soke w/ O’Sensei DePasquale Sr. Yoshitsune Grandmaster and Soke Miller, Kaizan Ryu, Grandmaster

Yoshitsune Jujitsu is a stand up and ground submission art using all three levels of fighting: standing, kneeling, and on the ground. The system comes from the Japanese traditional system of Hakkoryu Ju-Jitsu. Using various throws, joint locks, and holds, one learns to bring an opponent into a total state of submission. Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu was brought to the United States by O’Sensei DePasquale, Sr. Dr. Jimmy Steger, Soke, is direct student of the late O’Sensei DePasquale, Sr. and Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. He holds the title of Shihan Rokudan (6th Dan) in Yoshitune and is a board member for the IFOJJ. We also teach traditional Judo in all of our Ju-Jitsu Classes. Kendo is an intricate part of the great Japanese arts and Dr. Steger teaches this at the higher levels in our Ju-Jitsu classes.

Dr. Jimmy Steger, Soke w/ Kendo Instructor Soke Joe Miller, Kaizan Ryu  and Soke  MichaelDePasquale  Jr., Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu