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  • Traditional Weapons Training
  • Rape Prevention Seminars

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  • Lifeguard Survival Staff
  • Lifeguard Survival Strap

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Dr. Jimmy Steger, N.D., Ph.D., DNM.
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Iridologist, Professional Trainer, World Champion Martial Artist!

World Leader in Natural Healthcare, Professional Training, and Martial Arts

America, Wake up! You’re Dying and Don’t Even Know

I want to help you with a different attitude and a lifestyle change that will last forever. Quit the crazy fad diets and let us help you get healthy the natural way. Are you tired of being sick, taking drugs, and destroying your health? The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul and complete health can only be obtained through good nutritional habits. The real problem in this country is the average American family is not educated on proper diet and nutritional habits. We must teach people that you cannot get well with pharmaceutical drugs. They are bad for the system and your body will do everything it can to reject them. If you are sick or have any type of disease, you are not deficient in a drug, you are mineral deficient. There are 22 minerals we need on a daily basis for proper health, if you are deficient in one of these minerals, you can develop up to ten major diseases. Yes, ten different types of diseases may exist from just one mineral deficiency. Every one dies from a mineral deficiency not a drug deficiency. In order to be healthy and stay healthy, you must follow the dietary laws that God has set forth for you, it’s all in the Bible people. Why do you think so many people in this country are sick and have cancer? Just look around, how many people do you know that are really in truly healthy?

I see more sick preachers and ministers as patients that come into my office, and I tell them all, Reverend, you’re preaching the wrong sermon. Look at you. We got to get you right with God so you can teach your people. If you keep feeding your congregation all that garbage on Sunday after you preach to them, pretty soon they’ll all be gone. Then who are you going to preach to?

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Parasites – The Unknown Killer

The approximate sizes of microbes can be approximated by using the following rule of thumb: VIRUSES are the smallest of all infectious agents, averaging about 100 nanometers (100 billionths of a meter) in length. They have so few genes and proteins of their own that in order to reproduce they need to commandeer the machinery of the cells they invade....
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Anti-Cancer effects of Graviola

Do you want to help improve your odds of defeating cancer? Then this fruit should be the one you add to your supplement protocol. Over a quarter of a century ago a study was performed on the seeds of the Soursop fruit, also known as graviola, which at that time demonstrated such amazing cancer-fighting potential, that those exposed to it...
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Skin and Colon Health

Is Beauty really only skin deep? Hmmm, let’s look a little closer at this and really see how deep it goes. Skin is the body’s largest organ and it functions as part of the integumentary system, which works to protect the body from different kinds of damage. Your skin shields you from environmental elements, ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, weather conditions, and...
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Worst Foods for the Body

Iced Tea Harmful Ingredient: Propylene glycol alginate (E405) What’s a food additive that contains compounds also found in automotive antifreeze and runway de-icer? Sadly, there are a few, including this one. Propylene glycol alginate is a food thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier, and it can cause cardiovascular or neurotoxic issues. And it’s used in Dunkin Donuts iced tea, among others. Tilefish...
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Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements

Whey Protein Isolate Research shows that whey-protein isolates increase the amount of glutathione in body tissues. Glutathione is a peptide (an amino acid derivative) that helps support the body’s immune system, placing whey protein at the top of the list for immuno-enhancing potential. This is one of whey’s main functional properties. Whey protein contains the highest concentration (23% to 25%)...
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The Common Cold

The Common Cold Dr. Jimmy Steger There is a connection between stress and susceptibility to the common cold. Lifestyle, in general, can have an effect on the immune system. Alcohol consumption, smoking and even skipping breakfast can make you more susceptible to colds and the flu, according to the Economic and Social Research Council (research released March 2002).     A...
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Are We Treating Cancer, But Killing The Patient?

ARE WE TREATING CANCER, BUT KILLING THE PATIENT?               Dr. Jimmy Steger Don’t we live in a crazy toxic world? It’s unbelievable some of the things that intelligent human beings get up to, destroying their own kind in the name of “medicine!” Read the following paragraph to understand what I mean: The consultant oncologist picks up the phone angrily and...
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10 Foods That Help Reverse Diabetes

10 Foods That Help Reverse Diabetes Dr. Jimmy Steger Diabetes can be a fatal condition, especially if not controlled. Diabetics face a risk of suffering from conditions like heart disease, stroke, cataracts, and others. If one is not careful with their diet, they can die as a result of a stroke. Being diabetic does not mean that it is the...
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7 Signs You May Be Unhealthy

7 Signs you may be Unhealthy Dr. Jimmy Steger The human body is an amazing thing and it has the ability to send instant signals to the brain letting you know something may be wrong.  Some people go through life not paying attention to detail of their bodies and this is important. Let’s look at a few things that you...
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The Truth about Antidepressants

The Truth about Antidepressants Dr. Jimmy Steger Seems like most Americans these days have bought into the lie that taking some form of pill can solve any and all emotional or mental issues. If only it were that easy! And every time I try to give people a good dose of the truth, they point to one pharmaceutical study or...
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Allergy vs. Intolerance

Allergy vs. Intolerance Dr. Jimmy Steger The most common and best understood type of allergy is a reaction in which the body's immune system overreacts to a food and mistakenly produces antibodies (called IGE) to the food. This can cause reactions, sometimes severe, that affect the skin, breathing, gut and heart. Intolerance is an adverse reaction to a food that...
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Absorption of Nutrients

Absorption of Nutrients Dr. Jimmy Steger The small intestine is a tubular structure within the abdominal cavity that carries the food in continuation with the stomach up to the colon from where the large intestine carries it to the rectum and out of the body via the anus. The main function of this organ is to aid in digestion. How...
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Prevention of Arthritis

Prevention of Arthritis  Dr. Jimmy Steger How can we prevent arthritis, and if we have arthritis, how can we heal it?  First of all, let’s look at some of the causes of arthritis.   People eat denatured foods that have been canned, preserved, packaged, and nuked by the microwave; there are no vitamins and minerals left in them.  The joints need...
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Chemical Food Additives

Chemical Food Additives  Dr. Jimmy Steger   This alphabetical listing of the most common food additives includes what they’re used for, some of the foods in which they’re found, and our assessment of their safety. Acesulfame Potassium. (Everyone should avoid) – Artificial sweetener: Chewing gum, diet soda, no-sugar added baked goods and desserts, tabletop sweetener (Sunett). Poorly done safety tests...
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Eyesight – Vision

 Eyesight – Vision Dr. Jimmy Steger Each of us comes equipped with an amazing pair of optical wonders. Even the Hubble telescope, which looks far out into distant galaxies, pales in comparison to the technology of the eye. For many, vision fails as they get older. But despite what you may have been led to believe, this is not an...
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Foods That Age the Brain

Foods That Age the Brain Dr. Jimmy Steger A healthy diet is about more than keeping yourself fit and free of heart disease, wrinkles and impotence (yes, all are related to food!). It's about preserving your memory too;  Oh and by the way don’t forget that. For instance, eating high amounts of saturated fat -- more than four grams in...
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Acid-Alkali Balance

Acid-Alkali Balance Dr. Jimmy Steger The acidity and alkalinity levels within our bodies are measured by the Potential of Hydrogen (PH) scale. The pH level of 7.0 is considered to be neutral; any levels below 7.0 are considered to be acidic and unhealthy and above 7.0 are considered to be alkaline. Because the human body is naturally acidic, due to...
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Bodybuilding Nutrition

Bodybuilding Nutrition So you wanna be a Bodybuilder?  I have young kids and teens come into my gym all the time and tell me they want to be a bodybuilder and look like that guy on the wall.  That guy they are referring to happens to be the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, by all accounts the greatest bodybuilder of our time. ...
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Are You Breaking Down?

Are You Breaking Down? What we eat is so important for nourishing the brain, nervous system and entire body. When our brains and nervous systems are fed foods they need, we will be stronger physically as well as emotionally. The brain and nervous system are physical structures that have physical needs. When they are not receiving proper nutrients, we become...
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10 Things Drugs do to Your Body

10 Things Drugs do to Your Body 1. ALL DRUGS ARE POISON. All drugs are basically poison. The amount which you take is what decides how it affects you. A small amount is a stimulant. A larger amount is a sedative. An even larger amount acts as a poison and can kill you. This is true of ANY drug. Each...
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Look at all of the sick and overweight children in the country.   It’s horrible and makes me really sad when I know I can help everyone of them just by educating the parents properly.  We must wake up America and get on track with our diets and eating.  There’s no way in the world, America, this great country we live in should have the health problems it has, ranking America 46th in the world with its health care system.

If you are sick and tired of doctor shopping and can’t get well, then look no further,  you are looking at the healthiest doctor in this country and I can help you and your family.  I guarantee it!  Order my book, “The Nutrition Factor” by calling our office and get started today.   If you want us to custom design a nutritional plan and customize a  supplement program for you, just give us a call and get on the right track to a healthier body.  Remember God is in charge.   Obey his dietary laws and he will take care of you. We are really excited to introduce our new TV show LIFEGUARD TV to you which can be found on our You/Tube channel, Dr. Jimmy Steger/ LifeGuard TV.  This show will open your eyes and help you with all your Nutrition and Training so you can be at the top of your game,  regardless of your needs.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for your daily Health Tips!  2021 is here,  Time to get healthy.  Let’s Roll into the New Year with a new way of thinking and a new body.  You can do it and we are here to help you get there, Naturally!

How Can Dr. Steger Help?

  • What Our Patients Are Saying…

    Tommy and Angela, Mobile AL

     Growing up in a family of Medical Doctors and all I ever knew was to go see my dad and Uncles if I were sick to get better. After I grew up I realized many times I was never really getting better so I went to see a different type of doctor. I originally went to see a Chiropractor in Mobile and he referred me to Dr. Steger. I went to see him and after my 1st consult I was so blown away by the things he was telling me about my body and nutrition, I started his program and have been the best I have ever felt ever since. He supplements are top notch and so is he. I have gotten married since I started with him and now my wife and newborn are all on his program. We are all in great health, thanks to Dr. Steger.

    Catherine W. Moss Pt MS.

     My husband had severe skin conditions and was not getting anywhere with the medical doctors and all the drugs he was taking. After 10 years of going to different doctors, we heard about Dr. Steger and immediately went to see him. Within 3 weeks, my husbands skin starting looking better and his entire disposition and health starting turning around. What a difference you have made in our lives and thanks for your help and support. You are always there for us.

    Rita H. Los Angeles CA

     I have suffered from diabetes for 20 years. I used to take 2 meds daily for this and starting having problems with my legs and eyesight. My friend told me about Dr. Steger and I called him up and got started right away on his program. Within 8 weeks on his program my blood sugar went from 220-250 daily on meds to 180-195 drug free. So I can say without a doubt, his program has worked for me and my legs no longer hurt. I have lost weight and feel great all the time now. Thank you so much for transforming my life.