Martial Muscle

Welcome to Dr. Jimmy Steger’s MARTIALMUSCLE website.

MARTIALMUSCLE.NET is the official website for J. S. Training Systems Inc. We are a complete Natural Health Care, Fitness and Martial Arts facility offering the very best in the following fields;
The Body Shoppe Gym – is our full service health club. We specialize in personal training and complete nutrition plans for all of our clients. Since 1983

HARDBODIES – by Jimmy Steger is a Master Level Certified Personal Trainer and is the MasterMind behind our whole program. He is the premier personal trainer in the country since 1980. Dr. Steger has trained some of the top amateur and professional athletes in all fields of sports for over 35 years and can help you achieve total health and fitness at the highest level, Guaranteed!

Dr. Steger’s ULT1MATE Martial Arts – program teaches 3 distinct programs, one that is just right for your training needs! We start our children off in a Family oriented Christian Atmosphere at 4 years of age, so we can teach them the necessary needs for pre-school education. Success in life and Winning in the tournament arena is a Way of Life for us, we do not settle for second best.

Dr. Steger’s Wholistic Health Care Clinic – is a Natural health care clinic which utilizes only the finest in Nutritional, Herbal and Homeopathic medicine. Dr. Steger sees patients from all over the world and can help you and your family with all of your health care needs, Naturally!

Only the Best will do for our Clients and Students, if you are ready for the very best in Training and want to succeed at the highest level in your Fitness and Martial Arts needs regardless of your goals, Dr. Jimmy Steger has the ultimate plan for you!

Dr. Jimmy Steger President/CEO