Ultimate Martial Arts

Dr. Steger’s ULTIMATE Martial Arts


Programs Offered


– Is the most complete martial arts system ever founded using the principles of 5 different martial arts styles to make this system totally effective on the streets as well as in the tournament arena.

Yoshitsune Ju-jitsu

– Is a traditional system of Japanese Ju- jitsu using various throws, joint locks, and holds. The student learns to bring his opponent into a total state of submission.

Kung Fu

– Our kids program is designed for children ages 4-12. All classes are taught in a fun and safe environment with emphasis on school education being first. We also teach Chinese to all of our children.


– Is the ultimate sport in Japan and we teach the traditional system of Kendo which is directly a part of our Ju-jitsu program.


– This is the real deal people, no patty cake drills. Dr Steger will teach you more in this class about putting someone into submission than you ever dreamed of, Guaranteed!


What makes Dr. Steger’s school different from all the others?

We don’t give belts away. Our students must earn them.
We don’t have 12 and 13 year old instructors teaching our classes.
Our testing fees are low cost and affordable.
We have a full service health club (The Body Shoppe Gym) and also KDZFIT for children ages 5-11.
We’re not a rented office space trying to cram people into a small room.


Dr. Jimmy Steger’s

ULTIMATE Martial Arts Advantage

The Martial Arts Advantage contributes to an increase in your total well-being and self awareness of spirit, mind and body.

Physical Advantages

Mental Advantages

Increased strength and vitality Higher Level of Self Confidence
Improved endurance Improved Self Control
Balance and Coordination Increased Self Discipline
Sharpened Reflexes Ability to Concentrate
Improved Performance in Other Sports Inner Peace and Emotional Balance

Achieve the Advantage at Dr. Steger’s Ultimate Martial Arts. Traditional training in: Fujikan, Ju-jitsu, Kung-Fu, Kendo. We also offer Self-Defense and Rape Prevention Classes for women, please call for more information. We offer personal protection self-defense classes for all individuals. Call today for our custom 10 session package price.

Call or come by today and see why Dr. Steger’s ULTIMATE Martial Arts is the ultimate choice for you and your family. Call for your FREE trial class today. We are located at 4412 Government Blvd. Open 5 days a week.