If a person has cataracts, will diet help?

Yes, if you get to him in time. This person needs sodium from the goat and lecithin from egg yolks. Warm goat’s milk is the best. This should be given to the patient daily. All patients who have eye problems are deficient in sodium phosphate.

What is the single best food for the human body?

Carrots are the best food period. They have all the salts the body needs and they are easily digested and assimilated into the body. Raw carrots should be consumed daily whether you are sick or well.

Why do some people have weak joints and others do not?

Because they are deficient in sodium and chlorine. Sodium phosphate (celery) should be consumed 2 to 3 times daily when one has weak joints. You cannot have strong joints without chlorine in your body. Also, add manganese to your diet.

If a person has heart conditions, what is the problem?

All heart patients have a deficiency of potassium chloride in their system. They must be on a potassium rich diet. Eliminate all foods containing sodium chloride (table salt) and eat foods with natural sodium chloride in them.

What should one do if they have goiter (thyroid deficiency)?

This person needs to be on an iodine diet and get plenty of oxygen to the body.

If a person has weak bones, what should they do?

They should work out with weights 4-6 days a week and get on a calcium, boron, and fluorine rich diet.

Are vaccination shots needed and are they healthy?

No and No. Vaccination serums are not needed, and yes they are harmful to the tissue and they break down important salts. Look at all the Autistic kids in this country. Overseas where there are no vaccinations administered, there is no Autism.

What is the most important thing one can do for impotence?

There is nothing more important for this individual than, raw egg yolk, phosphorus, iron and oatmeal. This will strengthen the entire sexual system.

If a person has eczema, what should you do?

This person needs to be on a silicon diet (oats) and plenty of sun on the body.

What should one do if they have rheumatism?

They should eat a balanced diet containing plenty of citric and formic acid,  chlorine, sodium, fluorine, manganese and magnesium.

If a person has chronic gout, what should be done?

Get him away from inorganic calcium and change the ph of his blood. Gout is caused from an acidic environment. He must change his ph to a 7.2 – 7.4 to overcome this condition.

If my child has a hard time concentrating on her schoolwork, what is the problem?

She needs calcium and phosphorus in her diet on a daily basis.

If a person has a hard time healing cuts and wounds, what is lacking?

This person needs organic calcium. Calcium is the knitter of the body.

Is drinking cow’s milk good for you?

If you are a baby calf yes, if you are a human being no. The calcium molecules are too large for the human body to absorb. Human babies need mother’s milk because it has the proper ratios of protein and sugars in it to feed the human baby. If a mother is unable to nurse her child, use organic goat milk. This is the next best source of milk to use. Cow’s milk causes a multitude of diseases in human beings and also excess mucus and catarrh in the tissue especially the lungs.

What is the most important salt needed in the body?

Chlorine, (organic) is the most important of all salts. If you are sick or have pus formations in the body, you are lacking chlorine. Organic sodium is very important also and should be consumed by eating them through your foods.

Are cooked carrots good for you?

No, cooked carrots are dead food. Carrots should always be eaten raw or lightly steamed.

What causes cramps in a person?

There may be several reasons for this however the main reason for cramps is lack of oxygen to the tissues, acid in the body and lack of blood salts in the blood. Lack of water and elemental minerals are very important. If you get plenty of water, oxygen and minerals on a daily basis, you should not have this problem.