Exercise Is Critical For Detoxification


By Dr. Jimmy Steger

Exercise Is Critical For Detoxification

Exercise can benefit you in more ways than one!  Incorporated into a positive lifestyle, exercise improves oxygen intake, muscle definition, and overall metabolism.  It also has a very important role in the elimination of toxins by stimulating sweat production and improving lymphatic circulation. 

Your skin is the largest organ of the body.  Its glands secrete sweat to eliminate toxins and regulate body temperature.  Many people do not allow their bodies to breathe and properly sweat.  This is due to a lack of exercise, use of antiperspirants, restrictive clothing, and the use of products that clog skin pores.  Exercise is a simple effective way to stimulate sweat, sweating flushes out toxic metals, lactic acid, urea, and other toxins that circulate within the body. 

The lymphatic system helps the body defend itself against disease.  It transports infection-fighting cells and removes cellular debris.  The circulation of lymph is different than the circulatory system in that the lymphatic system does not have a central pump.  The circulation of lymph tissue is dependant upon the movement of skeletal muscle.  Improving the body’s ability to remove cellular waste is enhanced with exercise.  Exercise promotes full-range of motion in joints and strengthens muscles to improve lymph flow. 

Don’t forget in addition to stimulating sweat production and improving the function of the lymphatic system, exercise increases oxygen intake.  An oxygenated environment inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, viruses, and even cancer cells.  Improve your bodies natural defense against toxins by committing to an active lifestyle of strength training and aerobics.  The benefits of exercise are limitless. 

Few Tips For Detoxification

Eat foods high in fiber- adding bulk such as whole grains, to your diet promotes bowel movements to eliminate waste and toxins.

Eat foods that are nutrient dense- Nutrient dense foods contain a combination of nutrients that will help to naturally detoxify the body daily, such as fruits, vegetables, and organic greens.

Avoid toxins from foods- Many commercialized foods contain toxins such as preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.

Drink plenty of water- Aids in tissue hydration, elimination of toxins via blood, kidneys, and urine. Dividing your body weight in half equals the minimal amount of recommended daily intake.  Avoid tap water.

Eliminate excess body fat- Many toxins are stored with fat tissue. 

Exercise- Reduces fat, increases blood circulation, and promotes breathing.

Breathing exercises- Promotes the intake of oxygen and promotes the release of carbon dioxide. 

Support your organs of detoxification- The liver and kidneys can become overwhelmed with internal toxins. Nutrients such as barberry, dandelion, and milk thistle, help to nourish these vital organs.

Eliminate heavy metals- Nutrient such as chlorella, encapsulate and transport heavy metals from the body via the bowel.

Until Next Time, Stay Healthy!

Dr. Jimmy Steger