20 Reasons to Weight-Train

20 Reasons to Weight-Train
Dr. Jimmy Steger

  1. Fit people have better self-esteem than out of shape people. 
  2. The greater amount of fatty tissue, the greater the risk of infection after a surgery. 
  3. You can lower your blood cholesterol by losing just 5% of your body weight. 
  4. A pound of muscle takes up about 22% LESS SPACE than a pound of fat.
  5. Working out helps relieve stress, which is a major cause of overeating.
  6. Your back, hips and knees will feel better if you are at your proper body weight.
  7. A physically active person has up to a 20-year advantage in terms of functionality over a sedentary person (so you will not only live longer, but live a better quality of life!).
  8. Gastric bypass surgery isn’t covered by insurance.
  9. Being fit can save you money (up to 15% on medical bills).
  10. Active people have a lower risk of cancer and other diseases.
  11. Physically fit people have a lower risk of falls and broken bones (especially people over 50).
  12. Exercise helps your brain to work more efficiently (people who use dumbbells aren’t dumbbells!).
  13. Strength and flexibility training can make you up to a quarter-inch taller.
  14. Fit people sleep better.
  15. Better blood circulation reduces the risk of hearing problems.
  16. People who exercise said work was more fun (well, at least more tolerable).
  17. Fit people have better digestion, less constipation and better complexions.
  18. Weight-bearing exercise reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  19. Statistically, fat people are poorer than fit people.
  20. A sexy body results in more… well, you know.

Image is Critical, let’s train!

Dr. Jimmy Steger