Reanna G. Mobile AL

My mother was diagnosed with Liver Cancer 10 years ago. The Oncologist said she would not see Christmas and this was in August 2005. He wrote us off and said good luck. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Steger and said she had a friend of hers who used him for breast cancer 4 years ago and was doing great. We called him and he came to us because my mother could barely get out of bed. He thoroughly explained in detail about Cancer and how it works. The family decided to start his nutrition protocol right away. Within two weeks we started to see a turn around in my mother and could not believe it. She continued to get better and now here we are December 2015 and my mother has never felt better. The Oncologist and her primary care doctor was so blowed away they supported us and said whatever your doing, keep it up because he saved you. So all I can say is thank God for Dr. Steger. God is good and so is he.