Tommy and Angela, Mobile AL

 Growing up in a family of Medical Doctors and all I ever knew was to go see my dad and Uncles if I were sick to get better. After I grew up I realized many times I was never really getting better so I went to see a different type of doctor. I originally went to see a Chiropractor in Mobile and he referred me to Dr. Steger. I went to see him and after my 1st consult I was so blown away by the things he was telling me about my body and nutrition, I started his program and have been the best I have ever felt ever since. He supplements are top notch and so is he. I have gotten married since I started with him and now my wife and newborn are all on his program. We are all in great health, thanks to Dr. Steger.

Catherine W. Moss Pt MS.

 My husband had severe skin conditions and was not getting anywhere with the medical doctors and all the drugs he was taking. After 10 years of going to different doctors, we heard about Dr. Steger and immediately went to see him. Within 3 weeks, my husbands skin starting looking better and his entire disposition and health starting turning around. What a difference you have made in our lives and thanks for your help and support. You are always there for us.

Rita H. Los Angeles CA

 I have suffered from diabetes for 20 years. I used to take 2 meds daily for this and starting having problems with my legs and eyesight. My friend told me about Dr. Steger and I called him up and got started right away on his program. Within 8 weeks on his program my blood sugar went from 220-250 daily on meds to 180-195 drug free. So I can say without a doubt, his program has worked for me and my legs no longer hurt. I have lost weight and feel great all the time now. Thank you so much for transforming my life.