Dr. Jimmy Steger’s
Professional Line of Supplements

Dr. Steger’s Base Formulas are listed first on our
list (Top Five )and should be used by anyone
wishing to achieve total health.

Pro-Vitamin P. Vitamin and Amino Acid powder in a ground flax base
Used for: General and Overall Health, Use with Pro-Minerals
Pro-Minerals L.  Elemental Minerals from ore – not colloid
Used for: General and Overall Health, Complete Mineral Formula

Customized Minerals L. (3 month supply)
Used for: Overall Health, to help balance the body’s mineral supplies.

These are custom made for the patient based off your VMA test.


Pro-Cal Plus L.

Used for: Bones, healing wounds, adrenal glands


Pro-Greens + P.

Used for: Cellular health, overall energy, purifies the blood


Pro-Omega 3 c.

Used for: Helps to Control Cholesterol, heart health


Pro-Arginine C.

Used for: Bodybuilding, muscle mass, men’s sexual health


Pro-Bio B  C.      

Used for: Nerves, energy, cardiovascular disease, immunity


 Pro-Biotic 8  C..

Used for: Colon health, replaces good friendly bacteria


 Pro-H L.

Used for: Helico Pylori Bacteria


Pro-BP C.

Used for: High Blood Pressure, stabilize blood pressure


Pro-C-500 C.

Used for: Immune System, Colds, Infections, Collagen Repair


Pro-Chromium L.

Used for: Metabolize sugar, stabilize the pancreas


Pro-Copper L.

Used for: Strengthens blood vessels, bones, tendons, and  nerves


 Pro-Glucosamine L.& P.

Used for: Joint health, relieves pain, stiffness and swelling,  arthritis


Pro-Glutamine C.

Used for: Joint health, relieves pain, stiffness and swelling,



Pro-Vita D3 C.

Used for:  Bone health, lung health, hormones


Pro-Indium 1000 L.

Used for: Metabolism, thyroid, depression, energy


Pro-Iron L.

Used for: Helps with anemia


Pro-Joint C.

Used for: Promotes healthy joints, tendons, ligaments


Pro-Lithium L.

Used for: Nerves, thought, energy, brain function, ADD,

ADHD, Bi-Polar


Pro-Liver C.

Used for: Promotes healthy liver function, detox the liver


Pro-Manganese L.

Used for: Nerve and muscle disease, cartilage formation


Pro-Magnesium L.

Used for: Protects against heart disease and irregular heart  

beat, healthy colon, constipation


Veg – Pro 1 – Pea Protein  P.

Used for:  Protein meal, or meal replacement,  muscle mass


Pro-Nzyme C.

Used for: Aids in digestion, Acid reflux


Pro-Para + C.

Used for: Parasites, worms, helps to detox the colon


Pro-Platinum L.

Used for: Emotional disorders, tumor shrinkage


Pro-Potassium L.

Used for: Helps lower blood pressure, heart maintenance,



Pro-Prostate C.

Used for: Prostate health, prostatitis


Pro-Amino 21 C.  

Used for:  to enhance muscle growth


Pro-Q10 C.

Used for:  Brain/ Heart health


Pro-Candida C.

Used for:  Balancing intestinal flora,  Gut health, IBS

Pro-Silver 500 ppm  L.
Used for: Natural antibiotic, immune system, colds, flu etc.

Pro-Silver 2000 ppm  L.
Used for: Natural antibiotic, immune system, strongest
formula on the market. This is not a colloid product, this is
much better.


Pro-Thyroid C.

Used for: Regulate proper thyroid function, helps to balance.


Pro-Pan Plex  L. 32 oz
Used for: Stabilize insulin levels, balance the pancreas


Pro -GI C.

Used for:  Gut health, intestinal problems, all…

Pro-Vision C.
Used for: Eyes, Vision problems, macular degeneration
Pro-Vita-E C.
Used for: Antioxidant, Cardiovascular health

Pro-Vita Plus C.
Used for: Overall Multi-Vitamin,  immune system, overall health


Pro-Zyme C

Used for:  Repair tendons and tissue damage, strains, sprains


Ultimate-Pro P.   Rice Base protein with Vitamins & Minerals

Used for: Detox, weightloss, meal replacement


Dr. Stegers’ Book – “The Nutrition Factor”

This book will open your eyes and is a must for everyone to read!



























No sales tax for out of state sales only.  Shipping fees will be added according to weight.
All of our products are the highest quality nutritional supplements you can buy.
Our Liquid Minerals are not colloid, they are pure ore and are broken down to ppm (parts per million).

No coloring and flavoring added.
They are dispersed in pure water with a ph of 7.0,
which is what is takes to be absorbed properly in the body.

All supplements are generally a one-month supply.

C – Capsules   L – Liquid   P – Powder


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